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Netting is an ancient fiber art that can be dated back to the days of the dawn of civilization.  In order to make a net, the tools needed must be assembled.  These tools come in three different parts, the Fork, the Gauge and the Anchor.

The Fork

The first part of Netting is the Fork, which is also called a shuttle or a needle, and is used to hold the thread and to construct the actual stitches.

In the picture below, the top four needles were purchased as a set and are excellent for use in netting lace.  While the fifth one down was Stephen's first fork and was handmade by a blacksmith at a historical re-enactment.  The sixth and bottommost shuttle is wooden and purchased from Finniwig Studios.

Variety of Forks, Shuttles or Needles

The Gauges or Mesh Sticks

The second part is the Guage, which is also called a Mesh Stick or simply the Stick, and is used to in maintaining the size of each loop between the stitches.

The variety of mesh sticks depicted below were created through different means.  Some are metal knitting needles, some are made from dowl rods, some are plastic mesh sticks and others are tongue depressors that I stole from the doctor's office.

Variety of Netting Mesh Sticks

The Anchor:  the Netting Pillow

Finally, the last part is the Anchor, which at the Bedford College of Lace Making is almost always a pillow, but can be anything really.  As long as the Anchor maintains a weighted focus for one end of the net being produced, it can be anything from a safety pin in the arm of the chair or a door knob or anything you have on hand.

Stephen's Current Netting Pillow
Stephen's New Travel Netting Pillow
Stephen's Very First Netting Pillow
Stephen's Second Netting Pillow

2012 Independance Days at Spring Mill State Park

     At the 2012 Independance Days held every July in Spring Mill State Park, Stephen set up to demonstrate the ancient art of Net making.  Depicted above is Stephen with his delux anchor netting an edging on a hanky in a russett colored thread for the tourists to watch.

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