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This photo gallery depicts demonstrations and classes of lace making performed in the Pioneer Village at Spring Mill State Park, located near Mitchell, Indiana.

Special Event Weekends

2014 Memorial Day Civil War Event
     At the 2014 Memorial Day Civil War Days held in Spring Mill State Park, which was the largest one on record for the park, Stephen was there meeting and greeting volunteers by taking registration forms.  Yep he was official, he even had a clip board!!!

     Early in the 2014 Season 0n 15th of February 2014, there was a Civil War battle in the village of Spring Mill State Park.  Stephen and Kenna Hodges went and set up their lace making display for the tourists to enjoy. 

2012 Autumn Harvest Fair
     On 15 August 2012, Stephen was hired as the Cordwainer in the Pioneer Village of Spring Mill State Park.  Depicted above is Stephen standing in the doorway of the Munson Cabin during the 2012 Autumn Harvest Fair.  Kenna Hodges was set up inside the leathershop with Stephen making lace that weekend.
2012 Civil War Days on Memorial Day Weekend

     At the 2012 Memorial Day Civil War Days held in Spring Mill State Park, Stephen set up once again to demonstrate bobbin lace. This time he ws joined by Kenna Hodges and Julanna Hornocker. Here Kenna and Stephen are pictured with her new dress with the tatted lace she made for it.

2011 Heritage Days Event
     At the 2011 Heritage Days held annually in Spring Mill State Park, Stephen set up once again to demonstrate bobbin lace. This time he ws joined by Darin and Janie King as well as his student Kenna Hodges. This year Stephen brought his two new pillows, a large Ring Pillow with a Bedfordshire lace edging started on it and his newest one of all, the Russian Pillow with a french lace edging on it.
2011 Memorial Day Weekend
     In the Tavern on Memorial Day Weekend in May 2011, Stephen set up in the Tavern and demonstrated different kinds of lace making.  Here he is doing Pulled and Drawn Thread work on an apron.
2010 Pioneer Heritage Days Event
     On the first weekend of August 2010, Spring Mill held it's annual Heritage Days event in which the village is filled with crafters of various kinds. Stephen, along with Shannon, was set up in the Tavern making lace as usual.
2010 Memorial Day Weekend
     On Memorial Day Weekend in 2010, Stephen moved from the Lower Hamer House to the Granny White House.  It was the hottest and most humid weekend of the year and making lace was quite tedious, however, we prevailed and the tourists did get to see how it was done.
2009 Pioneer Heritage Days (Stephen & Shannon)
     On the first weekend in August 2009, Stephen attended the Pioneer Heritage Days held annually in the village. On this weekend, Stephen was reunited with Shannon, who worked on bobbin lace and his new friend, Sue Miessner, who spun flax into linen thread in the winter kitchen of the lower residence.

Holidays in the Village

Bridge to the Pioneer Village

     With the end of the 2013 season, Holidays in the Village had to be cancelled due to a severe winter storm that came through the area and pratically buried the village in snow.  However, the event was rescheduled for two weeks later.  The event took place this time, but with weather once again working against us, the creek overflowed and flooded the village.

2012 Christmas in the Village
     At the close of the 2012 season, Christmas in the Village saw the volunteers flood in for one last time.  Stephen was unable to attend the beloved event in 2012, but Kenna Hodges and Julanna Hornocker were there making lace.
2011 Christmas in the Village
     As the 2011 season ended, Christmas in the Village saw the volunteers come for one last time.  In the Munson cabin, where the leatherworker is, Stephen was set up with Kenna Hodges and Julanna Hornocker making lace by the fire.  Shannon came the second day and literally sat in the fire.
2010 Christmas in the Village
     At the end of the 2010 season, the Christmas in the Village event takes place.  This year Stephen was in the Tavern with dear friends Darin and Jane King and Angie Timan and her two daughters Maggie and Dorothy serving wassel and cookies and telling stories about the village.  No lace was made this weekend, but the audience was captivated.
2009 Christmas in the Village
     In 2009 the season ended with the Christmas in the Village. Here Stephen and Shannon were talking to Julie the Potter as they made the rounds stoking the fires and generally keeping the buildings warm for the visitors.

Pioneer Village Life

     In June 2014, Stephen was demonstrating the art of book making for the tourists to enjoy.  In this instance he was making soft cover field journals much like the ones carried by the early explorers and land surveyors of the early 1800's.
Stephen teaching on 8 May 2010

     With the new year of 2010, comes a new year of volunteering at Spring Mill State Park. On 8 May 2010 Stephen finally made it back to the park for a relaxing day of lace making in the Winter Kitchen of the lower Hamer House. Soon Stephen will be moving to another building to demonstrate lace making in. We don't know which one as yet, but it will either be the Granny White house or the Tavern.


     Later, on a weekend in July, Stephen again set up his lace making demonstration in the Lower Hamer House. There he met a new friend named Shannon, who was attempting to spin on the Great Wheel. However, it was far too humid in the village that weekend and the spinning wheel's wood swelled making it difficult to turn.  This turned into a wonderful friendship for both of them.

Photo by David Black
     In the spring of 2009, Stephen Bowman, while representing the Bedford College of Lace Making, began volunteering his time in the Pioneer Village of Spring Mill State Park. At the beginning of the season on the first weekend in April, Stephen has been demostrating bobbin lace in the winter kitchen of the Lower Hamer House on every weekend that he has free.
Stephen attended the Memorial Day Weekend, along with many other volunteers entertained for the tourists until the dedication ceremony in the down pouring rain.

Tri-Kappa's Candlelight Tour

     The third weekend of September is the Candlelight Tour sponsored by Tri-Kappa and is the kick off event for the week long Persimmon Festival held in Mitchell, IN annually. Stephen has been attending the Candlelight Tour annually demonstrating lace making to the visitors.
2014 Tri-Kappa Candlelight Tour
Julanna, Ginger, Kenna, Vicki & Stephen
    In 2014, Stephen attended the Tri-Kappa Candlelight Tour.  Instead of making lace, Stephen made leather candle holders.  However, he was joined by the local lace making society called the Lace Monkeys, which consist of himself, Kenna Hodges, Julanna Hornocker, Ginger East and newcomer, Vicki Houte, all of whom worked on different kinds of lace that evening. 
2013 Tri-Kappa Candle Light Tour
    In 2013, Stephen attended the Tri-Kappa Candlelight Tour, but like the previous year he did not make lace at the event.  Instead of making lace, Stephen made a leather ball filled with corn.  Kenna and Julanna did join him and worked on different kinds of lace throughout the event. 
2012 Candle Light Tour
     In 2012, Stephen again attended the Candlelight Tour, but this time he did not make lace at the event.  In August 2012 Stephen went to work at Spring Mill State Park as the Village Leather Worker.  So instead of making lace, Stephen made a handmade civil war era shoe.  However, Kenna did join him in the Munson cabin and was working on Bobbin Lace throughout the event.  So everyone who came through the cabin witnessed the pioneer version of leather and lace together.
2011 Candle Light Tour
     In 2011, Stephen again attended the Candle Light Tour, and once again set up his lacemaking booth in the parlor of the Lower Residence. This year he was joined by two of this current students, Kenna and Julanna. Everyone had a great time making lace by oil lamp.
2010 Candle Light Tour, photo by David Black
     In 2010, Stephen once again attended the Candle Light Tour, however, this year he didn't set up his lacemaking booth, but instead chose to walk the grounds and see the other people who were set up adn demonstrating their handywork. Later on in the evening, Stephen and Shannon (now known as Nestor and Mahuldah) went into all the different buildings lighting the candles in all the windows.
2009 Candle Light Tour (Lower Hamer House)
     At the 2009 Candle Light Tour, Stephen was once again in the dining room of Thomas Hamer's house. In the dining room, Stephen demonstrated bobbin lace and displayed a large variety of other lace making techniques. Like he was gonna do anything else.

     In 2008, Stephen attended the Candle Light Tour with his former students, Maggie, Tessa and Dorothy as well as our good friend, Angie Timan. This year we were moved from the sitting room to the much larger dining room of the Thomas Hamer house. Though the event was visted by over 1,400 people, it did rain as the sun was setting, which trapped many spectators in the building and forced them to learn more about lace making than they ever wanted to.

2007 Candlelight Tour (lower Hamer House)
     In 2007, his first year there for the Candle Light Tour, Stephen was placed in the Music Room of the Lower Hamer House, where he caused a line to form trying to get into the building. Being too interesting is a problem in tight places it seems.

Volunteer Appreciation Day

2014 Volunteer Appreciation Lace Demo
    In the month of April 2014, Stephen and Kenna were invited to give a presentation on lace making and talk about volunteering in the Pioneer Village at Spring Mill State Park.  We were set up on the front porch of the Upper Residence along with Coletta Prewitt, the Volunteer Co-orderinator, who was spinning.

Pioneer Women's Workshop

     The semi-annual Pioneer Women's Workshop is an event that takes place on the first weekend in November in the Pioneer Village at Spring Mill State Park.  During the weekend event, 20 women of differing backgrounds, ages and crafting skills come together in a sense of sisterhood to learn the skills that women possessed during the pioneering days of Indiana.  Over the two day event, the ladies are grouped together in four groups of five and sent around the village to participate in various classes and projects in the different buildings, with one group cooking at any given time. 

     The 5th annual Pioneer Women's Workshop did not occur in 2011 as Spring Mill State Park had a change in the Naturalist position.  The Park Naturalist is the person who plans this event each year and with Jill leaving to take up a position up at Paynetown and her replacement was not hired in time to plan the event.  Hopefully it will continue next year in 2012.

2010 Pioneer Women's Retreat Lucet Class
     At the 4th annual Pioneer Women's Workshop, Stephen taught the Lucet to the participants. Each lady recieved a small lucet fork, a small ball of thread and an hour with me learning how to it.
2009 Pioneer Women's Retreat Lace Class

     At the 3rd annual Pioneer Women's Workshop, Stephen was asked to teach a class in bobbin lace to the twenty participants. Each lady recieved a small travel bolster type pillow, a dozen bobbins and two hours with me learning how to make a lace bookmark. I think the ladies enjoyed the class, well at least thats what they told us.

At the first and second Pioneer Women's Workshop, Stephen didn't know about them and was not on hand to teach a class.  Stephen was very disappointed about that!!!

Other Images of the Village

2012 Independance Days
2011 Civil War Ball

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