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Beck's Mill, Salem, IN

2012 Beck's Mill Lace

     On the 11th of August 2012, Stephen went to Beck's Mill and set up the lace making demo on the second floor of the mill for their fourth annual Civil War Days.   Joining Stephen this year and representing the Bedford College of Lace Making was Kenna Hodges, who also made lace.  Our friends, Doug & Lori Roberts and Jim & Diana Gossert were also present and all of whom had a wonderful time with the wonderful cool weather for the day.

2010 Beck's Mill Lace

     On the 14th of August 2010, Stephen went to Beck's Mill again and set up his (condensed) lace making booth on the second floor of the mill for their second annual Civil War Days.  Joining Stephen at Beck's Mill this year were Norm and Annette Taylor, Doug & Lori Roberts and Jim & Diana Gossert, all of whom had a wonderful time, if not wet due to the humidity of the day.   

2009 Beck's Mill Lace

     In September 2009, Stephen finally got the chance to visit Beck's Mill, located in rural Washington County near Salem, IN.  Beck's Mill is a recently refurbished historical landmark and one of the oldest and few remaining mills in Indiana.  At one time Beck's Mill not only would grind corn and wheat, but also had a saw mill and was able to operate not one but two carding machines to process wool.  These two carding machines are but a few that remain in existance today.  Stephen had a great time there demonstrating lace making to the visitors and making new friends once again.

The Two Score and Ten Medieval Event

2014 Two Score & Ten Medieval Event
     On 22 March of 2014, Stephen was invited to a Medieval event called the Two Score and Ten.  Stephen and Kenna Hodges represented the Bedford College of Lace Making and they were met there by many friends, such as Joe & Lara Zilafro and Darin & Jane King, who were the king and queen of the Kingdom of Tookesbury.  Depicted above is a group photo from the day.

Napoleon Living History Days

2010 Lace Booth

     The 4th Annual Napoleon Living History Days in Napoleon, IN has been alter from a Civil War only event to a time line event with the addition of Musket Loaders and World War II soldiers. Stephen attended the event again on 28 August 2010 and displayed his lace making demonstration and happened to meet up with some World War II pals from the Lawrence Co. History Fest.
2009 Lace Booth at Napoleon
     The 3rd Annual Napoleon Living History Days in Napoleon, IN is a relatively new Civil War era event took place on 29th of August, 2009. Stephen attended the event and displayed the lace demonstration. While there Stephen made some new friends and was asked to teach a bobbin lace workshop.

Lawrence Co. History Festival

     In 2012, Stephen made the decision to no longer attend the Lawrence County History Festival, due to attending the Fiber Event in Greencastle instead.
     In 2011, Stephen and the Bedford College of Lace Making did not attend the Lawrence County History Festival, due to an episode of walking pnuemonia, two inner ear infections and something that I don't know how to spell.
2010 Lace Making Booth
     At the 2010 History Festival Stephen was joined by Rowena Cross-Najafi and Shannon Pickett at his lace making booth. We had a wonderful time but this year we moved across the road to the almost same spot we had back in 2007, due to the increase in size of the battlefield. Though we had a great time in the new location, we are hoping to be returned to our favorite spot in the event... up front in and in the middle.
2009 Lace Making Booth
     We had a wonderful time at the 2009 History Festival. This year the Friday school day was only from 9 am until 11 am, but we had almost 700 boys and girls come through the event and we did nothing but talk and teach lace making all morning. We were pooped out by noon. On Saturday, the first day the event was open to the public, was a much more relaxed pace, though more people came up to the booth. This year Rowena taught the majority of public the art of bobbin lace making on the "interactive" model and Dorothy worked on a thin edging in bobbin lace.
2008 Lace Making Booth
     At the 2008 History Festival, Rowena Cross-Najafi joined Stephen at the lace making booth and the two had the best time, especially on "School Days" in which local 5th graders were allowed to come out and see the different events in history. The remainder of the event Stephen also had Dorothy Timan helping out at the booth. Dorothy taught many people on the "interactive" model how to make the simplest pattern in bobbin lace.
2007 Lace Making Booth
      At the 2007 Lawrence County History Festival, Stephen Bowman set up a booth demonstrating Bobbin Lace, Tatting and other forms of lace making. There he was joined by his aunt Sue and periodically a friend and neighbor named J. R. Johnson. Everyone involved had a great time of it.

A Simple Day In The Country

2009 Simple Day in the Country
     On July 18th, Stephen went to a small Renaissance Fair called "A Simple Day in the Country" near Camp Atterbury, west of Edinburgh, Indiana. The lace making booth was directly across from the staging area for the combatants, and so Stephen had a great view of the men clubbing each other to death. Also, many people came and sat down and learned the art of making lace. The event was a great success!

Lanier Days Civil War Event

Stephen teaching Lace making in 2009
     On the second weekend in June 2009, the Bedford College of Lace Making was invited to demonstrate bobbin lace and other lace making techniques at the Lanier Days Civil War Weekend in Madison, IN. Stephen went for the event and had a great time discussing bobbin lace, tatting and the history of lace making. Also much to Stephen's amazement, not one but two people asked about the ancient art of filet netting, hopefully this will be the beginning of another generation of netting makers.

Marengo's Discovery Days

2008 Lace Making at Marengo Cave
     In 2008 Marengo Cave celebrated it's 125th anniversary known as "Discovery Days". Every five years they put on this event and this year Stephen was invited to participate in it and demonstrate lace making techniques. It was also at this event that a little girl came up to the booth and announced that she had seen some fat guy on TV doing bobbin lace with a bunch of kids. That would of course had been the Barry Bernson interview.

Feast of the Hunter's Moon

2008 Lafayette Lacers Lace Making Demo
     At the end of September 2008, the annual event called the "Feast of the Hunter's Moon" took place once again in the greater Lafayette, Indiana area. Stephen joined the local lacemaking group called "Lafayette Lacers," at their encampment. While taking his turn working the booth, he taught several people, kids and adults alike, the basic techniques of bobbin lace.

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