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Many projects depicted on this page are used in the lace making classes.  Find one you like and we can work on it for a class project.

Tatting Projects


Tatted edging pictured above is an example of the final project in Stephen Bowman's Needle Tatting class.  This particular edging measures approx. 16 inches long and is about 1 1/4 inches wide.


Tatted edging pictured above is a reproduction of tatted edging that resides in our classroom.  Stephen Bowman sat down with this peice and counted each stitch in order to reproduce this lovely pattern.


Pictured here are tatted crosses utilizing the split ring process of tatting and an pale pink edging that was used to create an new look for pillow slips.

Bobbin Lace Projects


The edging depicted above is known as a simple "Crown of Thorns" edging, which is derived from Brussels style bobbin lace.  Brussels is known for its use of double stitches instead of the single stitch used in the older Torchon style, which it evolved from.


This Torchon stitch depicted above is the first project every student must complete in order to move to any other.  This lesson teaches the movements of the bobbins in the creation of the lace.


This edging being made by Stephen Bowman, is called a single spider fan edging.  This pattern is mostly torchon lace with a small whole ground stitch for the spider's bodies.  This edging has proven popular with students.

Lace Netting Projects

Netted Lace Hanky Edging
This simple edging is the first project we do in the Netting / Filet Lace class. Later projects (time permitting) will include a more complex edging and a doily center.
Three Rings of Atlantis
Netted doilies, like most other doilies, start in the center of the piece and work out. The doiley pictured here is called the "Rings of Atlantis" due to the three sets of rings and was recently completed by Stephen during the Netting class held at the end of 2011. 

Knitted Lace Projects

"Edna" knitted lace edging

This knitted lace edging, called Edna, is created from blue cotton thread and knitted with size "2" bamboo double pointed needles by lace instructor, Stephen Bowman.  Though the pattern is not a difficult one for the experienced knitter, it does require a small amount of concentration. 

"Grandma's Lace Edging"

This white knitted lace edging, known as "Grandma's Lace Edge" was found in an old book from the 1950's and knitted by lace instructor Stephen Bowman.   The pattern itself is a fairly simple one to begin with though it does contain a fair amount of manipulation.

Drawn Thread Work Projects


The sampler shown here is made using the Pulled & Drawn Thread technique, which is part embroidery and part lace making.  This style originated in ancient China and was very popular with young women who lived in the red light districts, where they were used as "Peek-a-boo" curtains.  These curtains were actually room dividers, but the young ladies would stand behind them and peek through the lace and if she did not like her gentlemen callers, she would send the maid out to send him away.
This sampler was created by lace instructor, Stephen Bowman, and the details of it are depicted below.  A sampler like this one is the main project in the Pulled & Drawn Thread class, however, there are many more designs to choose from.

Wall Hanging Sampler

Long Framed Sampler

The Wall Hanging Sampler (shown to the left) was designed by Stephen Bowman to be completed and to hang in his office.   Well, its hanging in the office, but it still has yet to be completed.  So much for doing projects for yourself.  This sampler has 15 different designs on it, including 4 corner designs, each done in a different bright color.  As can be seen in the picture, many of the threads have yet to be pulled out of the main linen.

The sampler shown on the right, known as the "Long Frame Sampler" is a current work in progress.  It will have 11 different designs in it, all the same color, ranging from the easiest at the top and progressing to more difficult as it goes down.  Of the 11 designs, 7 are complete and the 8th is almost finished (though not depicted).  The remainder will soon be done and a new picture of the sampler in its frame will be added to the website.

All projects in Pulled and Drawn Thread class are samplers so that students will have samples of the different patterns when the class is complete and can do these projects at home.

Crochet Lace Projects

Lace Crochet Angel

The lace angel pictured to the right was crocheted by my grandmother, Virginia, in the autumn of 1988 for my Christmas tree.  After the angel was completed she starched it quite heavily and this starch has held up ever since.  This is an example of three dimentional lace work used.

This crochet lace edging was handed down through my family to me by my grandmother, Virginia, who got it from her own mother, Bertha. This pattern has been used to make pillow slip edgings and insertion to be used as wedding gifts by various members of our family for many years. This pattern represents the wedding bells, that all young married couples are to have to announce their nuptuals.

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